With our state of the art PVC Calendaring lines, we are well equipped to manufacture the highest quality of PVC Geo membranes. Use of PVC Geo membrane for below applications is an accepted norm worldwide. The special feature of PVC Geo membrane is that it can be used in exposed conditions. It conforms to uneven surface and can be easily repaired. The PVC Geo membrane manufactured by us meets all standard quality parameters and can be a safe and economical option where one would like to conserve the environment.


  • Dams and reservoirs Canal and channel liners.

  • Coal seam gas water storage Land fill liner and covers.

  • Water ponds Evaporation ponds.

  • Farm dams IRRIGATION.

  • Secondary containment liners.

  • Toxic waste management.

  • Aquaculture.


  • Durable and UV resistant Supply or supply and install.

  • Large projects can be joined onsite Requires very little maintenance.

  • Prevents leakage from cracks and porous soils Custom made.

  • Prevent chemicals from leeching Fixtures, pipes, sumps etc can be accommodated.

  • Suitable for long term and short term storage Resistant to wide range of chemicals.


  • Thickness: 0.2mm – 1.0 mm

  • Width: 1.40 m

  • Colour: Black or any other as per your request

  • Length: 10m, 20m or 30m